• 1. Personal Data Protection Policy

    What data are processed by ECAM?

    ECAM only deals with the personal data needed to perform the tasks for which it is contracted. ECAM undertakes not to transfer or sell the personal data it possesses to any outside entity. Where ECAM requires an external entity to process personal data for which it is responsible, it shall communicate the purpose and shall request the respective consent of the entity or its representatives. When ECAM intends to use the personal data for a purpose other than the one that initially promoted the collection, it shall inform the owner or their representative and request their respective consent.

    How does ECAM protect your personal data?

    ECAM has implemented the appropriate logical, physical, organizational and security measures that are necessary and sufficient to protect your personal data from destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized access or any other form of accidental or illicit use.

    ECAM has defined an Internal Policy, an Internal Regulation and a set of Procedures that aim to fulfill the regulation by all its employees and communicate the respective responsibility to its subcontractors.

    ECAM has implemented a set of logical security measures, such as the use of firewalls and intrusion detection systems in their systems.

    The personal data of the clients are handled by competent personnel with restricted access to the data by nature of its use (traceable users and passwords);

    Physical security measures include a strict control of access to physical premises by employees, partners and visitors.

    How can you exercise your rights as a Personal Data Holder?

    As responsible for the processing of your personal data, ECAM has appointed a DPO that will be at your disposal for any questions and whenever you wish to exercise any of your rights through:

    by e-mail:


    Or at its headquarters:

    Avenida Arriaga, 42-B -2nd floor, nº5

    Within the scope of the Regulation ECAM undertakes to:

    - Train and raise awareness among its team and its partners of the requirements of the Regulation;

    - Adopt Safety by design measures whenever possible, minimizing the data to be processed and the treatment circuit of data;

    - Establish organizational measures that meet the requirements of the regulation, promoting clear and objective communication with data owners and their representatives;

    - Adopt internal measures to promote the lawful and safe handling of personal data;

    - Monitor and internally audit its control system, promoting continuous improvement of its system;

    - To invest in technological advances that promote data security;

    - Allow easy access to owners who wish to exercise their rights;

    - Report and handle any incidents that violate the integrity, use or conservation status of the data for which it is responsible.

  • 2. Cookies Policy

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    How do we use cookies?

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    Privacy policy

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    How to control cookies?

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    Acceptance of these terms

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  • 3.Privacity Policy

    Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

    If you do not agree with this, you should not use this website.

    This Privacy Policy sets forth the forms of collection and use of personal data, as well as the safeguards and security measures taken to treat them.

    ECAM recognizes the importance of privacy. We will never sell your information to third parties, whether individuals or companies.

    Information Collection
    Whenever it is necessary to collect personal information, the use of this information will be carried out in compliance with the legislation applicable to the Data Protection Policy imposed by the CNPD (National Commission for Data Protection, according to the Decree Law No. 67/98 of 26 October), in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data provided.

    All information collected is given voluntarily through the website, form or questionnaires. ECAM collects personal data, such as names, e-mails, telephone numbers, for the purposes indicated below. The entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is ECAM.

    Use of Information Collected
    ECAM undertakes to comply with the rules of personal data processing in force in Portugal.

    The information obtained may be used by ECAM for the purpose of curricular analysis and later recruitment.

    The data collected are exclusively for the use of ECAM, in order to follow up the requests made through this web page, being guaranteed the privacy and protection of the data of the users.

    Right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition
    Any person may request access to their personal data, being able to take notice of their content, and require their correction, updating or requesting their destruction, for written request addressed to ECAM to the email address:



    Security and Data Protection
    ECAM undertakes to adopt the necessary security measures to ensure the safeguarding of users' personal data against possible misuse or unauthorized access.

    Nevertheless, and since the Internet is not a 100% secure means of communication, ECAM will not be able to guarantee the security of any information it publishes online, nor will it be liable for any loss or damage caused to the user as a consequence of the loss of confidentiality of the information.

    On this web page, users will be able to find buttons that forward it to other web pages outside the domain of ECAM servers that may themselves collect data or request personal information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party sites, so you should read the Privacy Policy of the third-party sites you visit, and we are not responsible for the content and information on those same sites.

    Privacy Policy Agreement
    It is understood that the user accepts the conditions of this privacy policy when entering their data. Completing and submitting the form assumes your consent to the automated processing and use of the data in accordance with the privacy conditions described in this document.

    Changes to the Privacy Policy
    ECAM reserves the right at any time to update or revise this Privacy Policy in order to adjust it to any legislative changes and / or other constraints. Any changes made will be published in this space, so the user should visit this area frequently to keep informed about the Privacy Policy in force.