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ECAM - Empresa de Consultoria e Assessoria Empresarial da Madeira, S.A. was constituted on the November of 1993, having from the very beginning the experience and accumulated knowledge from more than fifty years of experience in the consulting business working with a multitude of enterprises.

Since its foundation, having favoured investments in new technology and the continual training of its staff, has provided the company with the response capacity in its diverse areas of business operation. From accounting to project management, quality policy, as well as professional training and fiscal consulting, there are various areas in which we posses the know-how which allows us to better advise our clients, continuously striving to provide added value in their businesses.



Contribute to the success of our clients with information and knowledge from our know-how and experience.


To be a trustworthy business partner to our clients, contributing to generating added value to their businesses and in this way, develop the resources and skills at ECAM, continuously incrementing our competency and solutions

In a word: We measure and assess our performance, through the success of our clients.

Action Guidelines:

  • Customer Focus
  • Competency and Professionalism
  • Actuality and Cutting edge
  • Confidentiality and Trust

Quality Policy

Since 2001, ECAM is a certified entity with regards to ISO Quality standards, having continuously fulfilled the conditions and requirements of these standards through renovation audits, keeping up with the successive evolution and ever increasing requirements. This merit, has allowed for a structured growth of the organization, complying with established procedures, enabling a good standing between ECAM and its clients as well as other stakeholders. More recently, in 2016, ECAM renewed its certification, having been certified with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


ECAM relies on a team of trained professionals, mostly made up of Certified Accountants, that guarantee a high technical standard, essential to the successful performance of the proposed activities, above and beyond the technical capacity in place, there is an ever present attention paid to the training requirements, with attendance in promotional activities, with special relevance to not only internal training, as well as those promoted by the Certified Accountants Association, The Madeira Chamber of Commerce and Industry, by the Portuguese Association of Accounting Technicians and the Economists Association.


The qualification, training and valorisation of ECAM professionals, with the objective of maintaining their skills updated, is essential to maintaining the expectable contribution in the satisfaction model of the organization, which depends substantially of the constant effort to update their expertise, this being an adopted priority, with the attendance of training regarding technical issues in the fiscal accounting arena, as well as training dedicated to incrementing the relationship with clients at their company offices, leveraging the ECAM human capital in the diverse areas that make up the provision of services with its clients.

Technological and Information Platform

Based on the commitment assumed by both ECAM as well as the various stakeholders, our company supports its entire technological and information management platform in the integrated management solution with ERP and CRM. This is an integrated tool that enables:

  • Proximity and relationship with the client and their dedicated characteristics;
  • Implementing a solution adapted to diverse business areas and companies of varying dimension;
  • Centralizing information, making it integrated and accessible at any moment, place or device;
  • Access to information by clients through the e-accountingportal ;
  • Optimization of the controlling and reporting for each client, promoting the analysis of critical information in good time for decision making;


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Our drive are the people that make up the ECAM professional environment, ensuring the appropriate working conditions, to foster knowledge and know how, which can contribute to adding value to our clients. Therefore it is essential to count on the best professional, and ensure that those that wish to join our ranks, are motivated and committed to being parte of this team, having the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, intellectually and emotionally, enjoying favourable conditions to those ends.

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