Our Services

Two options of work methodology:

1st Option – Setting up the required tasks based on ECAM resources, where the Client Manager receives the information and documentation, and from then on ensures all actions utilizing the technical and technological assets under contract by ECAM.

2nd Option – Allocation of the Client Manager(s) to the client facilities, using the installed applications, developing a work methodology, grounded on ECAM know-how, but produced from the functionalities present at the client offices.


  • Organization and processing of accounting information;
  • Processing and compliance;
  • Analysis and performance control;
  • Information Report Emission for management;
  • Monitoring and periodic reporting of performance with clients;
  • Revision of procedures and training of client teams;;

Fiscal Consulting

  • Fiscal Information, advice and planning;
  • Elaboration of studies and assessments;
  • Revision of procedures in view of the current legal requirements;
  • Preparation and support for tax refund requests;
  • Accompaniment in tax litigation processes;

Management Consulting

  • Economic financial and sectoral viability studies;
  • Applications for investment and operation support programs;
  • Instruction and accompaniment of incentive payment requests;
  • Renegotiation of financial liabilities;
  • Company evaluations;
  • Management support consulting;
  • Functional restructuring of organisational structures;

Studies and Projects

Applications for any incentive scheme for Investment, Operation or Financing are provided by ECAM's technical team, which has the expertise and experience gained since the first Community Support. ECAM also ensures that economic and financial feasibility studies are carried out to support investment, financing or other decisions that involve the customers' business.

Human Resource Management

  • Payroll processing;
  • Digital processing and HR database
  • Auditing and Diagnosis of training necessities;
  • Counselling during training programmes;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Applications for contracting and training support;
  • Recruitment selection processes;

Quality Consulting

  • Organization and working procedures diagnostic;
  • Implementation of the Quality management system according to benchmark standards;
  • Mystery client action;
  • Internal audits;
  • Legal compliance analysis;

Administrative Services

  • Issuing and dispatching of client invoicing;
  • Collection management;
  • Courier services;
  • Diagnosis and assistance in implementing management support IT solutions;
  • Company setup assistance;
  • Registrations, licences and certificates;
  • Resource and administrative processes optimization;

Assistance in the context of CINM/ZFI/MAR

  • Advice for foreign investors;
  • Incorporation of companies;
  • Administrative and accounting assistance;
  • Ship, commercial and pleasure yacht registration;
  • Legal representation for Ships and Yachts;
  • Seamanship Certification
  • Instruction for Golden Visa processes and Non Resident statutes