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Accounting, Consulting, Studies & Projects


Organização, Tratamento, Processamento, Computação e enquadramento, Análise, Controlo, Informação e Relatórios de apoio à Gestão.


Avaliações, Diagnóstico e planeamento, Acompanhamento, Candidaturas, Estudos, Gestão, e Assessoria no ambito da Consultoria Fiscal e de Gestão

Studies and Projects

Estudos de viabilidade, enquadramento do projeto, candidaturas, cumprimento das exigibilidade e assessoria para atingir objetivos dentro dos prazos proposto


Bringing together many years of experience with new technologies and human capital duly trained and up to date on current issues.

Our Company

Years of experience doing great business and getting better.

Important Milestones

  • 1993

  • 1994



Biannual publication with information on the activities developed in the last quarter by ECAM, as well as an economic perspective on trends and current issues. 


Circulares técnicas

Our clients have up to date access to a flow of communication regarding the main changes to the current legal regulations, including tax and declarative notices, as well as general issues so that they can be alerted in good time about topics on which their activities may have direct influence, the reception of these communications does not limit in any way access to the ECAM professional structure through its client managers or specialized departments.


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